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Mr. Schmidt is the father of TomTom, YoYo, and JJ as well as Mrs. Schmidt's husband. He has ginger hair, green eyes, and fair skin. His most common outfit inside and outside the house is a green plaid collared shirt with the sleeves rolled up, khaki pants and blue shoes (slippers if he is inside, sneakers if he is outside). He is most likely on the taller side standing between 6 foot even or higher. Daddy is likely a similar age to Mommy; late 20’s to mid 30’s.

We do not know what profession he has.


Daddy is a good, attentive father to his children and a very helpful husband to his wife. He appears to have a very fun loving, silly personality. He likes to do dances, make faces, and read stories to the kids to entertain them. He takes an active role in raising them as well, care for them when they are sick, helping ToTom with his homework and Boy Scouts activities as well as taking them all on outdoor excursions often. He helps his wife clean and take care of the home, even helping her cook at times. It is possible that he may be quite the romantic as well, organizing lovely dates for his wife, gifting her flowers, and enjoying slow dances with her.


Mrs. Schmidt

Naturally, Mrs. Schmidt is his wife. As stated he is a very good partner to her, helping with the kids and household. He makes her laugh with his silly behavior and loves to dance and sing to their favorite songs together. He takes her on dates of biking through the country side and eating candle-lit dinners together after the children have gone to bed. He listens to Mrs. Scmidt's problems and supports her in any way he can.


TomTom is his eldest son. The two have a very close bond. They build/fix things together and Mr. Schmidt helps him with his Boy Scout activities. He most likely is the one that taught TomTom how to use tools and continues to teach him new skills.


YoYo is his middle child. He appears to dote on his daughter; dancing and playing with her when he has the opportunity. When the family took a trip to the beach, mr. Schmidt especially took the time to play with her. They spent the day collecting shells and constructing a mermaid. When the ocean washed it away, he was more than happy to act as a stand in, burying himself in the sand so YoYo could decorate it and wearing seaweed on his head like hair.


JJ is his youngest son. Just like Mrs. Schmidt, Mr. Schmidt always takes the time to play and care for JJ. Though Mrs. Schmidt appears to do a bulk of the care, he is always there to help if needed such as when JJ caught a cold. He encourages JJ and reinforces the good lessons that Mrs. Schmidt teaches the young child.

Grandma and Grandpa

Grandma and Grandpa are Mommy’s parents. They are beloved by Daddy and the rest of the family as they are trusted to watch the children while Mommy and Daddy go out on dates. Presumably they visit the house often and JJ frequently spends time at their farm.

Cody’s Daddy

Daddy and Cody’s Daddy are friends. They hang out together while their children play. They work together to teach Cody and JJ to share and its possible they share a passion for music as both sing and play the guitar.

Other Details


  • Acoustic guitar
  • Mechanical/Tool skills
  • Hiking
  • Camping


  • Any outdoor activity
  • Family
  • Donuts
  • Pizza



Cocomelon dad is approximately 8-9 feet tall as hes almost as tall as a basketball hoop (which is 10 feet tall) and taller then a soccer ball net. (see here: