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The hare is a character who first appeared in Cocomelon's adaptation of The Tortoise and the Hare in a video with the same name.


The hare first appeared in The Tortoise and the Hare where he was speeding along to which the others got annoyed of. The tortoise was most annoyed and challenged the hare to a race which he laughed at. Much to the hare's surprise the tortoise ended up winning.

He appears again in Looby Loo as one of the guests and dances. He soon dances with YoYo.

In the Wait Your Turn song he appears with a few other animals alongside the Johnson family. He first tries to get on the swing whilst everyone else does as well. The same situation happens when he goes to get a drink, everyone goes to line up behind the Hair but soon the Hare is generous enough to let everyone else go before him. When the ice cream truck comes he's also one of the people who has to wait in line.

Physical Appearance

The hare appears to have tan fur with white fur on his arms, legs, belly, and around his mouth. He has tall ears which are pink inside and a pink nose and cheeks. His eye color is brown.


  • Taekwondo


  • He's appeared in a Facebook post which can be viewed here.